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A Good Year for Publishing

I'm delighted to report that my novel Re-Navigation was published by Creativia Publishing in May 2019.

A gloomy seascape is of little consequence to Julia, as a ferry transports her to an isolated Welsh island, to undertake a Spiritual Development course. Soon, Julia finds herself surrounded by new friends and questions. As their relationships deepen, so does Julia's feeling that something crucial is missing from her life.As passion ignites and deep-buried secrets surface, Julia faces choices that will forever change the direction of her life. But at what cost?

Re-Navigation, set on an unnamed Welsh island and in Queensland, explores the tenuous nature of personal and spiritual relationships and our ambivalent attachment to outback Australia. The novel was inspired by a term spent at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, England, in 1993. Although not autobiographical, it does examine, at a safe distance of over twenty years, some of the issues I had to deal with during a difficult time of my life.

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