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Age 39, sensuous, emotional and dramatic, Sannah, a descendant of Environmental Refugees from the drowned Pacific Islands, is the Storyteller for Village 10. An articulate speaker, she employs both voice and body to weave a spell around her audience. She also plays the role of ‘lover’ to many White men, in order to gain information useful to the Women’s Line. Intelligent and savvy, Sannah knows what it takes to survive in a harsh world ruled by tyrannical Troopers but would willingly risk her life to ensure truth telling continues.





Age 26, White, tall, Kaire is a Senior Pilot from space station SKY Z59. He has come to Earth on a pilgrimage to experience the world of his ancestors. Kaire is appalled by the society in which he finds himself. Naïve, uncomfortable with conflict, especially if it involves physical violence, Kaire struggles to cope with apartheid Australia.  Keen to help Sannah and her friends, he believes his superior technology can banish ignorance and incite rebellion.





Age 50, dark-skinned, plump, Fley the Instructor (school teacher) is a Women’s Line Leader and Sannah’s best friend. Clear-headed, reliable and loyal, Fley steers the volatile Sannah in the right direction to make sure local Line activities function smoothly. She welcomes Kaire’s offer of assistance, realising his White privileges will be a distinct advantage.





Age 45, White, stocky, handsome, Wurn is Trooper-in-Charge for Village 10 and Sannah’s current lover. Wurn rules the village with a firm but fair hand. Although he genuinely loves Sannah, he’s unwilling to compromise his position and isn’t averse to using her to gain prestige.





Age 35, White, Areth is an aggressive, brutal Trooper who alternately desires and loathes Sannah.

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