Sue Parritt


Originally from England, Sue worked after graduating (B.A. University of Queensland, majors in English Literature, Drama and French) in university libraries until taking early retirement in 2008 to concentrate on creative writing.


Since then she has written six novels of which five have been published: 'Sannah and the Pilgrim' (Odyssey Books, 2014; 'Pia and the Skyman' (Odyssey Books, April 2016) and 'The Sky Lines Alliance' (Odyssey Books, November 2016) 'Chrysalis' (Morning Star Publishing, September 2017), Re-Navigation (Creativia, May, 2019.

Her sixth novel "Feed Thy Enemy,' a story of courage and compassion in the face of extreme trauma during World War II and one man's struggle to overcome PTSD during his post-war life. Based on a true story, 'Feed Thy Enemy will be published by Creativia later in 2019. 

She has also written short stories, articles and poems, which have been published in magazines and anthologies and a short script 'Last Fling' which won the FAW TV short drama award, 2009.


'Sannah and the Pilgrim' was Commended in the FAW Christina Stead Award, 2014. 'Pia and the Skyman' was Commended in the Christina Stead Award, 2016.


Her current project is a seventh novel. 'A Question of Country,' explores the migrant experience through the female protagonist’s lifelong search for meaningful identity.  

© 2014 Sue Parritt

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